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Privacy Policy (Handling of Personal Information)

axona AICHI will make efforts to protect and manage Customers' personal information according to the Personal Information Protection Act and the laws and guidelines related to personal information.

Scope of Privacy Policy

The Personal Information we collect on our website.

※Personal Information hereby refers to the following information that can identify the customer.
  • Name, address, telephone number, company/organization, etc.
  • Email address, access records, etc.

※This privacy policy shall not apply to personal information customers provide on other websites.
(Ex: If customers provide personal information on websites linked to our website, operated by a third party other than axona AICHI.)
Please note this in advance.

Collecting Personal Information

axona AICHI will collect only minimal necessary personal information for the following purposes:

  1.  Inquiries
     axona AICHI will request personal information for the purpose of responding to customer inquiry.
  2. Request for information
     axona AICHI will ask for personal information to respond to customer requests for documents from this site.

Using Customers’ Information

axona AICHI will use customers' information for the purpose of responding to inquiries and requests from customers.

axona AICHI will not disclose to any unauthorized third party customers' information unless required to do so by administrative agencies such as the police and court, etc, and the purpose of subcontracting business without the permission of customer.

Management of Customers’ Information

axona AICHI endeavors to secure and improve security for the safe management of personal information.

axona AICHI will safely compile and keep personal information provided under strict management.
※Access, modification and deletion of personal information.We will only respond to requests for access, modification and deletion of personal information entered by customers themselves, which is managed by us. Customer requests must be made using the contact information provided below.

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Approval of These Terms of Use

Use of this website indicates that you have agreed to and accepted our privacy policy.
Please do not use the site if you do not agree with the privacy policy.
axona AICHI recommends thoroughly reading the privacy policy regularly because we may modify, change or update the privacy policy whenever we deem it necessary.
If the site is accessed by customer after the privacy policy is modified, changed or updated, it is considered that customer accepts those modifications, changes or updates.